Tuesday, July 30, 2013

paulie gee's (and finding passion).

"Going back, it wasn't about the pizza as much as creating a job for myself, that's really what I did. I was tired of working and worrying about where my next paycheck was going to come from, so I created my own job. Not enough people do that these days, not enough people are willing to take care of themselves. I think they're afraid, more afraid than ever, because they think that the economy is bad, and if they do take a chance and things don't work out, where do they have to turn? There are fewer places to turn than, say, 20 years ago. But to do something that I enjoy that's effortless for me and reaps rewards, it's an amazing thing. And I'd like to encourage more people to do that."  Paulie Gee

Maybe it’s just me, being 28 and beyond confused about where my life is going, but my god does this make me want to finally jump the corporate ship and try my hands at something that I really love.  Paulie Gee is a man with a passion.  A passion for learning a craft, for honing his skills, and a need to constantly discover and learn and figure out what works and what works better.  I met him once when my darling boyfriend took me to a celebratory dinner at his restaurant at Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Everything about that night was special.  The room was aglow in that beautiful soft golden light that can only be achieved with a massive amount of tea lights.  The air was warm and perfumed with the scent of  salt, yeast, and smoke.  The pizza was transcendent.  In every bite you could taste the labor of love and a desire to push the boundaries of pizza toppings by combining unusual flavors (unusual salty sweet flavors making him a man after my own heart).  I was instantly smitten (the Hell Boy pizza is the best. pizza. ever.).  And then I met him and I was suddenly even more smitten.  He was the kind of guy who wanted to know everyone in the room, who liked asking questions and loved getting honest answers.  He wanted to talk and learn more in order to improve both himself and his product. He is a guy who wants to produce the best damm pizza and he does.

My dad (the only man more food obsessed them me), sent me this interview that Serious Eats had with Paulie Gee.  Reading it reminded me that at any age we can choose to change the course of our life.  That we don't need to settle for the mundane, the uninspired, or simply a paycheck.  That we can find a way to turn our passions into something more then a hobby, it can be a career, it can be your life.  I tweeted Paulie to thank him for such an inspiring interview and that I hope this will be the push I need. He reminded me the wall is paper thin. 

I encourage you to read the article and if that involves too much work (which is foolish because he discusses a lot of really good life lessons that everyone should read), then definitely get on the G train to Greenpoint and go have some pizza (and make one pizza the Hell Boy) and then if you see Paulie, tell him thanks for me.  

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