about me.

i am caitlin - analytical by day and creative by night. spending my evenings tackling an ever growing pile of recipes, stacks of magazines, and cookbooks galore to uncover the things that make me feel happy.  

i am a girl who loves food - eating food, shopping for food, and simply looking at pictures of food.  i love cooking for others (in teeny tiny shoebox sized spaces). i love creating things and making food that is beautiful and tastes good and reminds people that eating is supposed to be a pleasurable experience.  i love learning and experimenting and having epic kitchen failures because every once in awhile you have kitchen success and there is nothing more wonderful then that.  i started documenting all of this because  it's nice to have a place to record all the things that make you happy.  

i love...

       dark chocolate passionfruit truffles, any and all cheese, crusty baguettes, puppies, rustic family meals, plaid button downs and cashmere sweaters, mismatched table settings, anything gold, dickinson farmstand, peonies, exploring farmers markets, traveling, bourbon and maple syrup cocktails, apple picking, ball jars, ankle boots and loafers,  and shopping for antique kitchenware. 

i also love good design, lots of color, beautiful well-made clothing, and admiring photos of extraordinary kitchens/dinning rooms/eating nooks with the hope of someday having a space as extraordinary as the ones i love to admire.  this is my little spot where i post about my culinary explorations and the things that make me swoon, i hope you enjoy. 

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