Friday, July 12, 2013

dinner tonight.

Sometimes dinner looks like this.  A hodge-podge of different ingredients laid a top well toasted, lightly oiled bread (the well toasted bread is key and the well toasted bread should be high quality bread!)  

It't not fancy but it's utterly satisfying.  It's a way to incorporate a lot of different vegetables, flavors, and textures into a just a couple of bites of food.    

My combinations this evening included ricotta with sun gold tomatoes, flaky sea salt, black pepper and a drizzle of hot honey, avocado with sun gold tomatoes, sea salt and smoked spicy paprika, and raw zucchini pesto with almonds and Parmesan (recipe coming soon!). In my mind, the possibilities are truly endless.  

Is this a conventional dinner?  No.  But it makes for an interesting meal and sometimes that's a nice thing. 

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