Thursday, July 18, 2013

new at the market.

The jewels of summer have arrived.  Fruits and vegetables in every shade.  Ruby red cherries, plums so golden yellow they appear to glow, apricots the shade of orange that only appears right as the sun sets beyond the horizon.  It's as if the sky came to light in the bins and baskets at the farmers markets.  

I've been stuffing my face with all of these fruits, the juices dribbling down my chin and pooling on whatever surface happens to be under me at that moment.  I've been reminding myself that their seasons are short lived and that I should get my fix in while I can which is why I continue to gorge.  

I've been obsessed with pairing fruits with more savory flavors.  Seared steak with grilled peaches.  Chipotle chicken quesadillas with apricot, cherries with cheddar and ham (a la The I Love New York Cookbook).  It's unexpected and feels gloriously right this time of year.  

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