Tuesday, July 16, 2013

latest travel obsession.

I've developed an obsession with AirBnB which if you haven't been on I suggest visiting the site immediately, typing in a random location, and seeing all sorts of beautiful homes pop up that you can stay in.  As someone who has an absurd love affair with spying inside peoples houses (NYC is the place to be if you like things like that) this is a less creepy way of seeing really wonderfully unique houses and really beautiful kitchens (the kitchens are killing me).  

I am warning you now, it will give you the itch to travel. The boy and I are currently plotting a weekend away in Upstate New York in an attempt to escape this heat (and enjoy the last of summer before it gives way to fall).  I am envisioning a weekend spent swimming, antiquing, fruit picking, wine tasting, and lots of eating and hiking and reading the fall fashion magazines. A perfect weekend in my book.  

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