Tuesday, September 25, 2012

picture frame walls.

I have an infatuation with collages of all kind.  In college my dorm room walls were covered with torn magazine pages, found post cards, notes written on scraps of paper, and photos from experiments gone wrong in the dark room.  I found it cozy to be surrounded by relics of my youth and the things that made me happy.  As much as I loved pieces of ripped paper taped to a wall it didn't exude grown-upness which means I needed to find an alternative.   The search for something chicer led me to my obsession with picture frame walls since it gives the feeling of a collage but looks far more sophisticated.  The framed fauna above the farm sink in the below picture is an utterly perfect version of picture frame walls.  I am envisioning a similar idea but with pictures of fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables seem fitting for a kitchen.  

Image via Pinterest 

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