Sunday, September 23, 2012

a weekend up north.

Some weekends I feel a strong desire to escape the confines of the city and head somewhere where I am surrounded by vast amounts of space and fields of green.  Other weekends I feel a strong desire to abandon my kitchen and head home to my parents where I can indulge in comfort food cooked by my mommy.    This weekend I had strong desire for both so the boy and I packed our bags and headed north.  We made a pit stop in the Bronx for some Italian favorites (pizza, pasta, cheese, bread!) and then ventured to my parents home where we indulged in long lazy walks through Stone Barns with the puppies and a family dinner fit for a king.  We returned to our apartment late this afternoon full, content, and happy. 

Image 1 - Zero Otto Nove: La Riccardo Pizza  - Arthur Ave the Bronx, NY
Image 2 - Cannolis from Arthur Ave
Images 3 through 9 - Stone Barns
Image 10 - Family dinner 

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