Friday, January 18, 2013

open layout.

I'm leaving for a long weekend in Boston very shortly.  The plan while up there is to eat as many homemade Oreo's from Flour Bakery as humanly possible, take several walks around the South End while I hunt for more pieces for our apartment (and possibly some clothing necessities for me), catching up with friends, and finally experiencing some level of cold because it's apparently very cold in Boston.  I've got my warmest scarf, gloves, and hat packed.  Here's hoping I remember how to survive the winter.  

Since we still lack a couch and are probably not getting one for another month (I realize now why people don't custom order things very often...) and we finally had to get rid of our Christmas tree, I finally have some  more room in the apartment to better figure out what makes sense for us.  I am totally loving the open layout and having two defined spaces but I also love the idea of the kitchen blending into a well lived in living-room like the below (much more conducive to entertaining.)  So many thoughts and ideas.  So many options.  Let's see what I find in Boston.  

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