Tuesday, January 8, 2013

good reads.

I just started reading Dearie the biography about the life of Julia Child written by Bob Spitz which isn't surprising because I adore Julia Child and also because at least 1 in 5 books I read have something to do with food.  I'm not sure why I enjoy them so much because usually when I finish reading them I end up feeling a little depressed about my own life (possibly because I work in a cubicle and not on some awesome farm in upstate New York where I tend my own goats and make my own hard cider and have a significant other who can build me a fence in a day and also throw me over his shoulder in order to carry me up the stairs.  I have silly dreams.).  Nonetheless, I end up devouring every food related book I can find.  I sometimes peruse Barnes and Nobel looking at all the food books and making notes in my iPhone about which ones I need to put on hold at the library (I'm fairly certain there aren't that many left that I haven't read but I could be mistaken).  Below is a list of some of my favorites.  Even if you don't love food quite as much as me I imagine you would enjoy these (especially Blood Bones and Butter - it is a beautiful story.)  And now that its winter there is no better time to curl up at home with a really good book.  

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