Friday, January 25, 2013

colorful rugs.

Our bedroom is at the tail end of being kind of/almost put together.  We have dressers! And lamps! And bedside tables on order!  The only thing missing is a couple of more throw pillows (because 5 is clearly not enough) and a rug.  I've looked at my fair share of rugs some very ugly and some very beautiful (and very expensive - some days I wish I didn't always gravitate towards the insanely beautiful and very expensive things..)  The problem is I have a vision and a look and this picture in my head that I can see so vividly that it's hard for me to settle for anything less then what this imaginary image looks like.  

We also need a living room rug and for a while I had no idea what I wanted but now that I spotted this picture I feel myself gravitating towards something as colorful as this. It brightens the entire room in the best possible way.  Oh and that chandelier, feminine and modern.  

Image via here.

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  1. Love the rug! The boy and I were looking for a rug since July! FINALLY found one on Ebay that matched the look and price we (I) was searching for. So funny you posted about rugs this weekend cause we are setting it up today!