Thursday, January 3, 2013

mirrored grey.

It only took 3 days into January for the normal crazed long work days to resume (and let's be honest it was more like 2 days since January 1 was a holiday).  The more crazy work gets and the colder it gets outside the more I want to hibernate like a bear under my down comforter doing nothing but reading fashion and food magazines and eating massive amounts of grilled cheese and cookies.  I think it's safe to say I know how I will be spending my upcoming weekend.  

We are still in the midst of a giant remodeling/ongoing purchasing, thus my lack of photos of our new place.  Once we get a couch (really sorry Tyler with how long its taking) and a dresser (still really sad about it showing up broken) I will provide a little look at how things are progressing.  Below is a look at the latest bedroom inspiration but with a lot more fuchsia involved (I can't help my undying love for all things pink).  Loving all the pillows and dying for that mirrored dresser.  Dying.  

Image via Pinterest.

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