Monday, December 31, 2012

the end of a year.

I survived 2012.  I never expected it to be a monumental year, one filled with big changes and life altering situations but, somehow in the span of 365 days my life flipped around and I somehow landed on the other side.  I traveled on a plane for 24 hours (thanks to those lovely things called sleeping pills) to see the untouched lands of Africa.  I saw one of my closest friends get married.  I ate a meal at Per Se, Thirty Acres, and Miyake. I threw a lot of alfresco dinner parties.  I found a bar cart!  I ate the most perfect tomato.  I celebrated 6 plus years with a boy who knows me better then I know myself (7 years on Friday!).  I survived (mostly unscathed) a hurricane and the loss of our home.  I have spent the better part of the last two months shopping (a lot) in order to make us a new home.  (I have been able to bring all my decor inspiration and visions to life.)  And then there was the cooking.  I cooked a lot (a lot).  I baked homemade bread, I made sushi, I perfected my homemade tortilla recipe, I cranked out a lot of homemade pasta, and I failed and succeeded at many things.  But the single biggest event of 2012 was the rather innocent purchase of a fancy-shmancy camera that was to be used in an effort to capture every second of our Africa trip.  This camera became the catalyst to start a blog, and somehow the blog led to the creation of business cards and then catering and then cooking lessons and then selling Christmas cookies, and then…I guess we’ll see. 

Wishing you a most happy New Year. 

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