Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas pink and grey.

I am currently unpacking the (the very generous plethora) of presents we got and trying to bring some level of organization to this apartment.  Pretty much everything I got is either fuchsia  grey, gold or cooking related (it's very easy to tell what I will like.)    I am also back to cooking, something other then a cookie (for at least a night) - I have a lot of things lined up since I am now the proud owner of three new cookbooks.  I expect I will be spending the next few days nesting under the piles of new blankets we were given devouring new recipes.  Thank goodness it's a quiet week.  Oh and I will also be plotting how I can get a pink table into our apartment without Tyler thinking he's lost all his manhood (I am trying to convince him the offsetting grey decreases the feminine pink side.  So far he's not buying it.)

Image via Pinterest.  

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