Thursday, April 3, 2014

juice cleanse - day 2.

6:53AM - I actually woke up this morning feeling great which is the opposite of what I expected. I am rather happy that was the case.  Maybe there is a reason people who juice claim to be peppy and happy.  Here I was thinking it was all lies.
12:13PM - I was doing great until I had the latest drink which is probably the worst thing I've ever had.  It tastes like sour feet.  I am trying to chug it just to get it over with.  Who drinks this willingly?
12:30PM - I had 4 almonds to wash out the taste of that terrible juice.  It was worth it.
4:23PM - I kind of can't believe this is so easy today.  Besides the one bad juice I feel great.
7:11PM - All those positive feelings I had earlier? They have gone out the window.  I am currently silently cursing Tyler and wondering who enjoys such torture.  I miss forks, knives, and plates.
7:34PM - Called Tyler to tell him I not drinking anymore juice.  I can't even finish the last one of the day.  I will finish day three since I'm not a quitter but I'm done after that.  
8:11PM - Regretting the fact that I follow so many people who cook on Instagram.  These pictures are killing me. 

Day 2 is done.  I am cranky.  


  1. come back from the dark sideeeeee.

  2. I've done a couple of juice cleanses, they are so hard! Keep going though, you'll feel great by the time you finish!