Sunday, December 1, 2013

all i want for christmas (this year).

Just because I'm 28 doesn't mean I can't make a Christmas list.  

-The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book: Because I can't go 6 months without asking for a new cookbook (clearly I am my Mother's daughter).  Shockingly I have very few cookbooks devoted to desserts so this basically filling a gap in my cookbook collection which is why I need it (this is my logic and I'm sticking with it).  That and I am on a pie kick and the cover photo is so beautiful it kills me.  

-Luxe Faux Fur Throw: Because I am still dating the boy who believes turning on the heat in the apartment is something only foolish people do.  Unless you want me to freeze to death this winter (and we are suppose to have one really cold winter) I would highly suggest getting this for me.  My sister got one last year and its like being wrapped in a puppies arms which is why I adore it so.  

-Chroma Juice Press: Because any sort of item that seems slightly impractical but also totally practical at the same time usually has me salivating at the mouth.  This is the kind of thing that would look utterly adorable on the counter but would also allow me to have all the freshly pressed grapefruit juice I want.  DID I MENTION HOW CUTE IT IS?! If you get this for me a weekly shipment of grapefruit would be a nice stocking stuffer.  

-Horseshoe Ring: Because I am going through a phase where I am trying to find my inner French woman and I think my inner French woman is trying to tell me I need more gold rings so I can start to wear some on my right hand.  Pretty much any gold ring from Steve Alan would make my knees weak so you have plenty of options since they have plenty of choices.  

-Tote Bag: I am strongly adverse to taking bags from stores because we lack the storage to keep them and also because its pretty wasteful.  Instead, I like to keep reusable bags in every single one of my purses so when I have an impulsive moment of purchase I can use my own bag.  This one is witty which is why I can't get enough of it.  Perfect for toting around farmers market produce and bread!  

-Body Butter: Because we are going into the winter season and as I've gotten older my skin has gotten drier. I am hoarding a collection of body butters but at the rate I am going through them it seems that I always need to purchase more of them.  This one is whipped and all natural and will look utterly chic on my bedside table.  

-Glass Storage Containers: Because I've had a couple of incidents of plastic containers containing my lunch exploding on the subway (not cute).  These glass ones are utterly adorable and much safer when it comes to heating your food up in the microwave.  

-Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels: Because I am a chocolate caramel addict and these are the best I've ever had (except for maybe the time I made them myself but that was an exhausting weekend long project). These are creamy and the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cup of coffee.

-Steve Alan PJ's: Because these are made in America and are the highest quality pj's you can find.  Their button-down shirts are my favorite (I practically live in them on the weekends) so I imagine their PJ's would become my evening favorite.  Perfect for lounging around in on Sunday mornings with a coffee in one hand and a chocolate almond croissant in the other.  These at JCrew are also adorable.  I prefer the men's version since I think the men fabrics are of better quality then the lady fabrics.  

-Gold Serving Spoon: Because it's gold and I haven't met a gold object I haven't fallen head over heels for.  It would also look utterly chic in all my food blog photos.  

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