Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a year in review.

It's the end of the year.  It's the end of another year. 

I usually get to this point and feel like the last 365 days have blurred together into a mass of random memories.  I forget all that happened and all that I saw, tasted, and felt.  I keep thinking that I need to start a journal where I write one sentence each day about what happened so when I reach the end of the year, I can actually recall what I did and what I saw. (Perhaps a resolution for 2014 or perhaps that's why I have a blog.)

But some moments do stick out. Seeing the west coast for the first time and eating life-changing bread, sushi, and burritos.  A quick jaunt to Miami with one of my best friends.  Perfecting the homemade granola bar and making a red velvet engagement cake.  Eating loaves of babka from Breads Bakery, tomatoes 20 different ways at Stone Barns, ethereal gnocchi from Thirty Acres,  and epic bread from Tartine (yes the bread was that good that it deserves being mentioned twice).  We got a couch!  I cooked with ramps (a lot) and turned 28. I switched jobs and started cursing less.  I learned that miso is the greatest condiment of all time and you can never eat too much burrata.  I took a weekend trip upstate and ate a cheese danish that I still can't get out of my head.  I made homemade s'mores and my new favorite chocolate chip cookie.  I sat around a fire pit with my family singing Motown hits.  I cooked and cooked and cooked and made lots of magical things and some not so magical things.  I learned about cheese and drank a lot of pinot noir.  I saw a sunset that made the sky look as if it was on fire.  I drank hot chocolate that makes me rethink everything I ever thought I knew about hot chocolate.  We got a Christmas tree that is the most adorable Christmas tree we've ever gotten (Stanley I adore you).  And then there was that snowy weekend that I got engaged which made for the perfect most magical end to a very epic year (I'm still glowing).  

Here's to 2014.  

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