Thursday, June 20, 2013

new at the market.

Berries!  Cherries!  Fruits galore!  The markets in New York are bursting with beautiful things.  

It's that time of year where desserts should consist only of pies, fruit crumb bars, and fruit compote topped ice cream sundaes.  Breakfast should consist only of fancy fruit and yogurt parfaits, chock-full-of fruit muffins, and berry filled french toast.  

The first batch of fruit from the markets is always eaten by the handful.  I usually find myself shoveling berries in my mouth until my fingers are stained with their juices.  After that I move on to baking (and jam making).  A blueberry pie has been requested by the boy (with a ginger strussel topping) and I plan on remaking the rhubarb crostata with raspberries as was suggested in the original recipe.  

It's officially summer.  

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