Tuesday, June 11, 2013

new at the market.


I am one of those strange people who simply adores shelling peas.  Opening a pod and seeing all of the little peas lined up like soldiers is utterly adorable.  

Fresh peas are a beautiful thing.  I love using them for a creamy pesto to coat strands of spaghetti.  They are wonderful tossed in crunchy salads with a miso dressing.  They are magical in spaghetti carbonara.   

I am most excited to eat them in guacamole.  I imagine you are wondering how guacamole and peas go together but I promise you they do.  I had a guacamole like that at ABC Cocina when I was there for my birthday dinner it was absurdly good. I am now smitten.  

Recipe is coming by the end of this week...

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