Tuesday, June 18, 2013

new at the market.

Garlic scapes are the new ramps or so I decided today as I was purchasing handfuls of them before 8 AM.  They are one of those obscure things that everyone who blogs about food raves about and once someone raves about something it only intensifies my desire for them until I reach that point where I find myself spending an endless number of hours trying to figure out how to get my hands on them.  Surprisingly these were fairly easy to procure which considering their aforementioned hype, I am still shocked about.  

Scapes smell like garlic and look like curly chives.  According to the blogosphere they make for a fine pesto.  But I am envisioning them as a topping for pizza or as a lovely spring addition to pasta carbonara. Personally I find them rather beautiful to simply look at.  Their curling nature makes them look like a tangled mass of green hair which is utterly mesmerizing   

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