Monday, April 1, 2013

review: beurre and sel, nyc

I have an unrequited love affair with Dorie Greenspan.  She's the kind of woman who is unbelievably knowledgeable about all things baking related but she also always seems to be challenging herself - coming up with new ways to improve the classics.  She's the kind of lady I always wish I could call on the phone (instead of using my best friend Google and instead of annoying Mama Bear every 20 minutes on a Saturday morning) to figure out all the cooking quandary's I have - why my ganache split, how long should one really let pizza dough rise for, and why raw cookie dough is so much better then cooked.  Dorie also makes one of my favorite cookies (actually I think once everyone tries a World Peace Cookie they instantly swoon and call it their favorite), and she recently opened up the most adorable stall in the Essex Street Market called Beurre and Sel (so French!) that has been on my list of places to visit for as long as it's been open.  (One should also make an effort to visit the Essex Street Market for more then just cookies because they have a ton of wonderful things.  This guide from Serious Eats is super helpful if you choose to spend an afternoon there!)  The cookies are beautiful.  Tender and buttery.  Subtly sweet coupled with the perfect amount of salt.  We tried the coconut and lime macaroons, coconut cookie, the World Peace Cookie (I couldn't resist trying the original), shortbread, and the blueberry jammer.  While I adored the shortbread my favorite lay with the blueberry jammer (Mama Bear was partial to the coconut cookie but I found that one to be a little more crunchy which isn't my cookie preference).  Something about the strussel topping coupled with the shortbread crust and jam was irresistible   I'm feeling pretty thankful that Bon Appetit ran the recipe a couple months back.  I now know what my next weekend project will be.  

The cookies can also be found throughout NYC where they are sold in the most adorable plastic tube which makes toting them around in your purse a breeze.  (I found some in Murray's Cheese.)  You can also order online and send them to your loved ones is a pretty stellar idea in my book.     

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