Monday, April 29, 2013

california eats.

California has stolen my heart or at least stolen my stomach. 

From top left to right. 

Picture 1 and 2 - Roasted tomato salsa and a chile verde burrito from Papalote.  The roasted tomato salsa is absurdly amazing.  I mean I could and would eat it by the bucketful (it would be unbelieveable on an egg scramble which is why I bought a jar to go and carried it around in my purse for the remainder of the day.  Hiking San Francisco hills while carrying a jar of salsa is not recommended .  The burrito was voted best in San Fran and the boy and I were on starvation mode so we got one to share as well.  This thing is the size of your head and has a lot going on.  I personally found it a little overwhelming (maybe that was because I agreed to add avocado, beans and a whole bunch of other things).  I don't think I could ever eat an entire one which says a lot.  

Picture 3 and 4 - La Taqueria.  This is one of those old school, been around forever kind of places (aka the kind of places I love).  The line is long but moves quickly.  The difference between this burrito and the one at Papalote is the fact that they don't use rice.  Just meat and salsa and whatever over add ons you choose.  We had the carnitas burrito as was suggested to me and it was absurdly good.  There was a level of purity to this burrito that was kind of lost on the other one.  The flavor of the meat really came through and you could eat a whole one and not feel like you wanted to die after.  I already informed Tyler we are coming here once more before we leave because I keep thinking about the quesadilla I saw some people eating and now I want one.  

Picture 5 - Kings Bakery was an old school Mexican style bakery, the kind of thing I haven't seen since I was in Mexico City.  In the inside the wall is covered with an array of different breads and pastries.  You pick a plastic tray and a set of tongs and basically load up on whatever you choose.  Nothing is more then 2 bucks and most of the stuff averages out at about 70 cents.  We got the fluffiest sweet bread ever.  The top of the bread was dusted with a nice layer of sugar giving in a nice crunchy bite.

Picture 6 and 7 - Passionfruit croissant and Thai ginger scone from Craftsman and Wolves.  I had read about this place from a post Desserts for Breakfast did a couple months back and then a friend from San Fran also mentioned it and once I hear more then one person tell me about it then I know I have to go.  The inside of this place is basically how I wish my future home would look like (all wood beams, high ceilings, and rustic tables).  The food is incredible.  I have a weakness for any and all things passionfuit so this croissant is pretty much the epitome of everything I love in this world.  It's tender and flaky, sweet and tart.  It's the kind of thing that makes you want to wake up each morning and eat.  The scone bridges the line between savory and sweet in a way that's absolutely perfect.  The green curry balances out the ginger and coconut in the most unusual of ways.  Not everyone would love this (I know Tyler wasn't a huge fan) but it makes you think about how different sweets can be in different cultures.   

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