Tuesday, March 12, 2013

review: breads bakery, nyc

This past weekend I finally made it to Bread's Bakery near Union Square in New York.  It's been on my list for about 6 weeks now (or about as long as it's been open) because I've heard nothing but the most glorious things about their chocolate babka.  When I hear the words "homemade chocolate babka" my heart skips a beat and my mind races to see how I can conveniently find myself near the store before they close and run out of chocolate babka (I seriously have a one track mind).  This chocolate bread is the epitome of the most perfect version I have ever had - the top is crunchy, the inside rich and buttery and dense as can be. The ratio of chocolate to bread is an almost perfect one to one. The loaf manages to taste as good on day 3 as it does on day 1 which I consider to be a feat of bread engineering (it's also a feat that I managed to still have bread left on day 3).  I can also say nothing but wonderful things about their cheese and spinach phyllo.  I would also review the feta phyllo but a puppy named Bandit managed to eat it before I could (bad dog with good taste).  

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