Monday, March 18, 2013

our (bedroom) nest.

Our bedroom finally feels like home (the living room/kitchen is another story...where is the couch?!).  It's funny because I had a very defined vision in my head when putting together our new home.  I felt like I could make it as beautiful and put together as all of the rooms I admire a great deal on Pinterest (even though my life is far less put together).  Somehow it managed to turn out exactly the way I wanted it to.  There is still a lot more that I want to accomplish (finding a couple more throw pillows is where I plan on starting) and add (Mom if you're reading I would like a couple more paintings!) but overall it exudes the look I adore (a quirky mix of vintage and modern with a lot of texture and a lot of gold) which is exactly what a home should be.   If you have questions about where I bought anything, please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to share! 

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