Thursday, January 7, 2016

latest obsessions.

1 - I've been the hunt for a pair of everyday earrings that hug the ear lobe.  I had basically given-up on ever finding them until my friend Katy showed me a pair that were EXACTLY what I've been looking for.  Simple yet interesting - timeless but fun.  They can be found at Steven Alan and come in silver and gold. You can probably guess what color I got them in.

2 - Making a Murderer is what would happen if the Jinx and Serial had a baby (Netflix is killing it). It's a thought-provoking and intimate look at our legal process and quite possibly what's wrong with it.  Binge-watch as soon as you can.   

3 - I discovered this butter in upstate NY last summer and will now only eat toast if it's slathered in it. It's incredibly creamy, impossibly rich, and almost cheesy tasting.  It makes all other butter seem paltry in comparison.  Oh!  and it's salted which makes it that much better.  

4 - These socks are my saving grace in the winter.  Incredibly warm, the perfect amount of cheeky, and made in the USA.  What more could you want in life?  (My favorite striped ones are pictured above.)

5 - Our puppy-bear.  Jackson Randall was adopted 12/27 and is quite simply the best (minus his aversion to going down stairs).  A 2 year old lab-pit mix (or so we think).  He gets called handsome a lot and loves the ladies.   In addition he is a little foodie (with a particular fondness for beets, carrots, and parmesan), loves ripping apart squeaky toys, and is very big on snuggling and giving kisses. Quite frankly, we are in love.    

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