Wednesday, December 2, 2015

tandem bakery portland, maine - a review.

Drop me in just about any city in America and I will find the best bakery.  This is probably not the most practical of skills one can have, but I am personally pretty proud of it.  It also ensures that we eat well no matter where we go and I'm 93% sure that is one of the top 5 reasons Tyler keeps me around (it also ensures we travel to obscure parts of every city we visit to try the best bakeries which I think makes traveling all the more fun).

Last week, I finally made it to Tandem Bakery in Portland, Maine.  I've tried their treats before (yes I ask people to bring me cookies) but actually being able to visit the space that I've read so much about was such a treat (pun intended).

Tandem started off as coffee roaster and recently they branched out by creating a bakeshop to go with their most delicious coffee (their latte with housemade almond milk is awesome).  I think it's the best decision they could have ever made.  Their baked goods involve subtle riffs on the classics. Chocolate chip cookies with an abundance of flaky sea salt that leaves me thinking all other chocolate chip cookies lack salt, jalapeno cheddar biscuits that ooze cheesiness, banana bread covered in turbinado sugar and black sesame seeds (a personal favorite), and fully loaded biscuits (i.e. halved and slathered in butter and jam) which may be the greatest breakfast food ever.  It's the kind of place I wouldn't mind hunkering down in daily and if I lived in Portland, I imagine I would.

And then there are sandwiches and pie (!!) which I have yet to consume but will be consuming on our next visit.  Those make an appearance in the afternoon which means I recommend visiting once in the morning, taking a walk around Portland, and the high tailing it back there for an afternoon meal (at least that's what I plan on doing in the future).

Oh and the space is gorgeous.  An old gas station that was probably once dark and depressing has turned into a blindingly clean and minimalistic space with incredible wood counters and an equally awesome chandelier that anchors the room.  I'm ready to move in.  

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