Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - a year in review.

2015 was a good year.  With 2014 being the year of the wedding, it was nice to return to a state of "normalcy" in 2015. A year where I could focus on myself and the things that make me happy.  It felt good to grow and explore and to enter into a new decade (thirties!).  As I think back over the past 365 days, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness which makes me feel profoundly lucky.  

2015 was the year of travel - 8 US cities (Boston, Baltimore, Philly, Nashville, Chicago, Portland (OR and ME), and Seattle.  It was the year of the polar vortex and conquering the perfect homemade birthday cake.  There was a lot of reading (especially books about WWII) and discovering the perfect jam (INNA JAM!).  Falling hard for a bakery in Portland, Maine (and obsessing over their banana bread and chocolate chip cookies) and purchasing myself the perfect gold hoop earrings as a 30th birthday present.  A weekend trip to Hudson, N.Y. that involved a pretty sweet pool and a phenomenal firework show.  I made homemade nutella and then ate it all myself (it was that good).  I got into running (or as into it as someone who doesn't really like running can).  I listened to a lot of podcasts and Adele Hello on repeat.   I discovered Anson Mills and fell in love with their flours.  I rode a horse on the beach and hiked a waterfall.  I consumed one too many doughnuts and had the perfect summer beach day with my husband.   I tackled homemade ice cream cake and the perfect roast chicken.  I ate some killer ham sandwiches and some equally amazing poached pears.  I learned to make a smashed burger that can satisfy my Shake Shack cravings and found the closest thing to the perfect pair of jeans.  There was an unexpected and incredibly awesome date night involving Superiority Burger and ice cream. I celebrated one year of marriage with Tyler over an unseasonably warm weekend in Chicago and finally saw the Bean!  And then there was the puppy - the newest member of the Cavagnolo/Randall family and definitely the most adorable member.  He has stolen our heart.  Not a bad way to end the year.  

2016 - There will be more traveling (Nashville again, maybe Austin or New Orleans, possibly LA, most definitely Italy (I hope)).  There will be a lot more chocolate almond croissants and lazy Saturday mornings.  I hope to edit my life and teach myself to buy less (but better).  I will make more of the things on my list of things to cook (like rice balls and babka!) and I will try not to get hung up on things that don't matter.  Bring it on.   

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