Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a summer off.

I keep dreaming about having the summer off from work and moving upstate to live in some small farmhouse (with Tyler of course). There would be a garden (strawberries! peppers! tomatoes!), there would be worn in Levis and white tee-shirts.  There would be simple sandals, and ponytails, and gold hoop earrings and maxi dresses. Dinner would be lots of salads with all sorts of textures and wedges of cheese and hunks of good bread. Dessert would be macerated berries served over slices of buttermilk poundcake.  I would read a lot, I would cook a lot, and I would also allow myself to sit and do nothing.  

The days would be spent in a kitchen like this.  (Simple, clean, minimal.)

black / white kitchen

Image via Pinterest.  

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