Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Most of the apartments we come across in our rather lazy search for a future, permanent home of our own, include rather abysmal if not all around pathetic kitchens.  Most of the time, I suggest we blow out all of the walls to make an open floor plan (my dream).  At this point, Tyler reminds me that such a decision isn't an option when dealing with a load bearing wall.  

I hate when my dreams are impossible.  

But today while watching Food Network and browsing Pinterest, I came across this petite-sized kitchen that has me thinking small and enclosed is good and maybe better then large and open .  What is cuter than a kitchen nook?  My own special hiding place where I can whip up feasts and hide among my All-Clad pans and fancy knives.  

And an all white space with open-shelving somehow almost feels large.  

My thinking cap has been put on...

small kitchen

Image via Pinterest

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