Saturday, January 31, 2015

a philadelphia food round-up.

Last week while lying in bed, I turned to Tyler and said "We should go to Philly soon, there are a bunch of restaurants I want to try."  He turned to me and said "How about this weekend?".  

(And with that, I knew I married the right guy.)

So this past weekend, the boy and I high-tailed it to Philadelphia for a 24 trip in the City of Brotherly love. Philadelphia is having a bit of a resurgence (check out #3 on the NYTimes list of places to visit in 2015).  In college, I went to Philly for cheesesteaks and the chance to go to a bar that didn't close at 1AM but now I visit so I can devour really good hummus and fried chicken and visit the science museum (my how priorities change). 

Philadelphia is very well-know for it's regional delicacies (I'm looking at you soft pretzels and the aforementioned cheesesteaks) but in the last year so many new and super exciting places have popped up that you can spend a weekend there and eat everything but what it's know for and leave SO SUPER SATISFIED.  

Below is a list of what we hit and what I am already looking forward to return to.   

1 - Dizenghoff - Hummus and only hummus is what they serve here and it's damm good hummus.  Each day they offer  a couple of varieties (Fave Bean! Chicken Shwarma!) and your hummus order comes with freshly baked pita, a seasonal salad, and some pickles.  Basically my dream meal.    

2 - Federal Doughnuts - I fell hard for Federal Doughnuts years ago and I am still in love with them because WHAT IS BETTER THEN A SHOP THAT SELLS FRIED CHICKEN AND DOUGHNUTS?! Nothing.  So yes - you can get fancy flavored doughnuts (Chocolate Mint! Grapefruit Creme Brule!).  You can hot out of the fryer doughnuts.  And you can get fried chicken in a myriad of flavors.   It's basically a fat kids version of heaven.   I am most partial to the fancy doughnuts mostly because I love anything that is declared fancy.  There is also a shop across the street from Dizengoff so you can have hummus, chicken, and doughnuts (best meal ever?).   

3 - Zahav - I basically went to Philly so I could finally eat at Zahav.  It's been on one too many best of lists and Middle Eastern food is one of my weaknesses so it was a no brainer.  Their price-fix menu is probably one of the best values I've ever encountered and I can't rave enough about the SHREDDED BEETS AND TAHINI salad (it was so good) and Squash Konafi.  The food is fun and exciting and different and perfect for sharing.   

4 - High Street on Market - We were sadly so absurdly stuffed from dinner at Zahav that we didn't get to eat one of their RAVED about breakfast sandwiches but we did manage to try a couple of pastries and some of the best homemade yogurt I have ever had.  This is the kind of place everyone wants in their neighborhood - excellent pastries, awesome salads and sandwiches, and a kick-ass dinner menu that changes regularly.  But the real reason to visit is to pick up one of their stellar loaves of bread.  I sadly missed the window to get one of their sesame tahini loaves (this just means we need to go back soon) but I did score a loaf of their roasted potato bread which is so insanely good and makes for the best toast EVER.   I will be so sad when this loaf is done.   

Philly, I am already planning a return trip...

OH! And if you are looking for a place to stay, I can't recommend the Hotel Monaco enough.  Within walking distance of some really excellent bars, Zahav, and High Street on Market.  It's also next to the Liberty Bell if you are looking to do some sightseeing (which is a good idea since spending 24 hours eating sounds better in theory then in actuality).   

Picture is of the EXCELLENT ginger yogurt at High Street on Market.   

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