Saturday, December 20, 2014

thoughts on seating.

I'm making it one of my goals to bring back the dinner party.  Now that we are in possession of more alcohol then we would ever purchase for college parties (and we aren't throwing any college parties) we need to have people over to drink it.  I have visions in my head of a cocktails and cheese party but I am also thinking about hosting smaller more intimate dinner parties where I get to cook whole fishes, pork shoulder, and fresh pasta for another couple (or 2).  I realize that in order to do this we may need a couple more chairs and for that reason I've started exploring ottomans and poufs.  Below are a few that I have my eye on...

Blake Ottoman, Ochre
Moroccan Pouf, White
Peter 23" X-Bench, Cream/Black Dots

1 - Blake Ottoman  (Green)

2 - Morrocan Pouf (White)
3 - Peter Bench (Grey and Gold)
4 - Tufted Bench (Grey and Gold)

Threshold™ Tufted Bench - Buff Beige and Gold

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