Tuesday, December 9, 2014

next steps.

Now that the wedding planning is done, I can focus my attention on my next project (because if there is anything you should know about me it's that I always have a project on my plate) and that is stalking the real estate listings.  

The boy and I aren't quite ready to take the plunge (we did just spend a nice chunk on a party so our bank accounts need a bit of a breather) but we've started talks and discussions and thinking about what we want. It feels weird to realize we are a family.   It's even weirder to realize that at some point we want to have a home of our own together, something we fix up and re-do.  A place where Tyler can finally put to use some of the skills he's picked up while watching HGTV. 

While I dream of winning the lottery and purchasing the 5 bedroom 4 bath townhouse on Grove St., I will lust over kitchens.  Because you know the only way we will ever purchase a home is if the kitchen is really freaking good (or has the potential to be really freaking good).  Something like the below would do just nicely.  

Eclectic kitchen

Image via Pinterest.  

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