Wednesday, August 13, 2014

review: henry public.

As much as I love fancy-shmancy beautifully plated we need to be dressed up to eat dinner kind of meals, at my heart I am a pizza or burger and beer kind of girl (best eaten while wearing worn in jeans and a tee). Follow it up with some ice cream and chocolate chip cookies and you pretty much have my ideal date (Tyler, I hope you have taken note).  When Tyler and I decided to trek to Brooklyn this past weekend in search for the ideal wedding cake(s) (we think we found them), I decided it only made sense to turn the trip into an adventure and stop for the world's best burger (followed by some of the best ice cream).  

 It's Yes, I said world's best burger.  

There is a place in Brooklyn called Henry Public that if you were to walk by it your would think it was just another neighborhood bar.  Yes, it is a neighborhood bar, but it is so much more then just a bar.  It's a place that serves drinks and really elevated and really incredible food.  It's the kind of place I wish I lived around the corner from though if I did my burger consumption would increase drastically.  

The burger is life changing.  The first time I had it I realized I never knew what a good burger tasted like.  Grass-fed freshly ground free range beef is cooked to perfection (medium-rare please) and topped with the most incredible aged cheddar.  It's served on a toasted bun with the crispiest of french fries.  It's simple and timeless and exactly what a burger should be.  No frills.  No toppings.  Just meat and cheese and bun. It's the burger for burger purists (which is what I am).  

If you are fortunate enough to dine with a companion who is willing to eat something other then a burger, might I steer you in the direction of the turkey leg sandwich?  The same sandwich mentioned in NYMag's latest cheap eats issue.  It's kind of epic and incredibly delicious and super messy in the best possible way.  I happily shared my burger with the boy in exchange for a couple of bites of his sandwich (and considering my affinity for this burger I think this goes to show how good the turkey sandwich is).

Did I mention the inside of the restaurant is like an old-timey civil war bar?  Well it is and it's awesome.  

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