Thursday, July 3, 2014

the fourth.

Displaying photo.JPGTyler and I leave for our annual 4th of July pilgrimage to Maine tomorrow morning and I have a laundry list of food places to visit.  Some old haunts some newbies and all look absurdly wonderful.  I have plans to finally share my favorites with all of you when I return! 

Besides eating lobster, doughnuts, and eggs I will also be catching up on my reading, lounging around in cut-off shorts, and antiquing (and a trip to Brimfield!).  

An ideal 5 day weekend is ahead of me.  

If you are looking for some superb holiday eats to bring to any of your weekend BBQ's, boy do I have the list for you.  (I personally would be thrilled if anyone showed up to my BBQ with one of these).  

blueberry crumble pie. 
blueberry shortbread bars.

coffee s'mores pie.
bread and butter pickles.
cherry cornmeal upside-down cake.

mixed berry crunch crumble.
sour cherry crumble. 
zucchini whoopie pies

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