Tuesday, July 15, 2014

101 cheap eats.

NYMag (one of my all time favorite reads) rounded up the 101 Best Cheap Eats in NYC and it's a pretty epic list.  

Of the 101 I've only eaten at 15 which is a pretty terrible showing on my part! 

Black Seed Bagels (Meh.)
Porchetta (Yum.)
Pok Pok NY (I preferred the cocktails to the food.  Is that weird?)
Parm (Always and forever a personal favorite.)
Roberta's (Just the pizza thus far which means I need to try all the other things.)
Sullivan St. Bakery (This bread. Divine.)
Bread's Bakery (My one true love.  The rye bread, the marizapan rugelach, the chocolate babka all makes me weak in the knees.)
Best Pizza (A perfect old school New York slice.)
Court St. Grocers (Perfect sandwiches. They comforted me after the hurricane.)
Bark (Hot dogs.  Really, really good hot dogs and burgers and fries and shakes oh my.  One of my favorite places.)
Mighty Quinn's BBQ (The BEST BBQ in NYC.  Oh the brisket.)
Red Hook Lobster Pound (Good but I prefer Luke's.  Personal preference.)
Henry Public (The BEST BURGER. Period.  The fries are superb as well.)
Victory Garden (Swoon worthy ice cream made of goat's milk!)
Artichoke Basille's Pizza (Go for the Grandma slice and only the grandma slice.)

My new goal is to hit 50.  I think 50 is a reasonable number.  More then that and I will probably regret my decision (and get fat).  First up! El Quinto Pino.  (I'll be seeing you this weekend because tapas, I love you).  If anyone wants to join me on any of these adventures, I would love the company.  

Oh and a return visit to Henry Public is for sure in order.  Because it's summer and burgers and summer go together like pasty skin and suntan lotion.  

(The picture is from NYMag and it's basically just some of the unreal offering's from Breads Bakery. BABKA)  

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