Tuesday, May 13, 2014

notes on style.

Gorgeous kitchen designed by Blair Harris--white subway tiling, brass hardware, beamed ceiling
Every season, I make a list of clothing items that I am looking to purchase for the season.  It's an ever-evolving list - some items have been on there for years (I am looking at you perfect white sundress) but others get added and removed faster then I care to discuss.  I've been doing this for a couple of years now, it's a good way for me to ensure I keep my spending in check and avoid the dreaded impulse purchase (something I am extremely guilty of doing).

The most fascinating thing I've begun to discover about this process is how my style has evolved and simplified.  I am no longer attracted to bold colors and crazy patterns, instead I am drawn to simple shapes and a palate of (mostly) neutral colors.  Maybe this is from living in the city for so long or maybe it's because I'm almost 29 and have finally come to understand what looks best on me.

This evolution has extended to the home decor I love and it took me looking at the last year's worth on decor inspiration that I've posted on this blog to finally realize that.  It's nice when you finally discover your style.  Mine involves a lot of black and gold.

Image via Pinterest

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