Tuesday, May 20, 2014

california love.

// #diningroomSometimes I have visions of myself leaving New York for the west coast where I would live in a house nestled between the giant red woods. I would spend my days in maxi dresses baking pizza in my outdoor wood oven.  There would be a dog, most likely a lab-corgi mix since I saw one the other day and am now obsessed with them. Evenings would be spent barefoot, nestled in cashmere sweaters, reading in front of a fire.  I don't see this plan happening anytime soon but a girl can dream. 

This kitchen is very California cool (and everything I would want in my west coast abode). It has a strong modern feeling with a wonderful nod to the sixties (that credenza!).  It's everything I am currently obsessed with (right down to those pendant lights and shag chairs).  


Image via Pinterest

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