Thursday, February 6, 2014

doughnuts on the brain.

I have doughnuts on the brain.

It started about 2 weeks ago when I got it in my head that we have to have doughnuts at our wedding (this would be in addition to the wedding cake, cookies, and knowing me, homemade pie).  I keep envisioning a tower of glazed orange (grapefruit/lemon) and pink (passionfruit with cocoa nib) doughnuts served on a beautiful white cake stand. This image will not leave my head. 

This doughnut craving wont be going anywhere until I consume about half a dozen, so the weekend plan includes making a visit to the Doughnut Plant or perhaps Dough in Brooklyn or if the snow gets the best of me, it may be time to finally tackle the homemade doughnut (both yeasted and cake, duh).  

(This is a picture of the pistachio doughnuts from the Doughnut Plant on 23rd street.  They were damm good and I wish I had some right now.)

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