Friday, September 20, 2013

grey marble.

After a week spent in Charm City (aka Baltimore aka the city with the best bar food I have ever eaten, New York you could learn something from them) I am looking forward to an evening spent doing nothing but eating pasta with corn and tomatoes and watching The League with the boy.  

Tomorrow I have a date with the oven and our 20 pounds of apples.  Expect a plethora of apple recipes in the coming weeks - cakes and breads and more.  Fall, I love you.  

In other news, this kitchen is everything.  The half tiled wall turns a minimal white kitchen into something interesting especially when the tile is a gorgeous grey marble.  Obsessing over the variety of materials being used here. It really takes the simple to a new level.  (And is reminding me that I should try wearing one color palate and wearing things in a variety of textures.)  

Image via Pinterest

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