Tuesday, September 24, 2013

dickson's farmstand meats.

This roast chicken from Dickson's Farmstand Meats in the Chelsea Market is the thing fall dreams are made of.  

Last week when I was in Baltimore, I had a rather in-depth conversation about roast chicken and why I hate the roast chicken's the sell at the supermarket mostly because the roast chickens in the supermarket are nothing like this.

Roast chickens from the supermarket are generally flavorless factory-farmed birds and as someone who looks to make ever meal better then the last, I can't bring myself to eat super market roast chicken.  It just isn't worth it for me.  This is the reason why I seek to procure meat from only reputable sources when I do eat it.  My go to for meat in NYC is Dickson's Farmstand. Their quality and flavor is unparalleled to what you can find in other markets. Their bacon makes me swoon, their roast beef is rich and meaty, their pork and beef are well marbled with an incredible flavor, and their sausage is the only sausage I will eat (the chorizo is magical).  Do they cost more then what's at the supermarket? Duh.  But I would rather eat less meat if it means eating meat of higher level of quality.  So the boy and I eat vegetarian a lot and have meat exist as a splurge.  

This roast chicken costs $16 which is double (I think?) what the supermarkets sell it for, but my god it's the best $16 spent.  And I have bones for chicken stock! (Because when you buy a bird like this you use every last bit  of it.)

Oh and they have really good sandwiches if you are looking for an excellent to-go lunch to eat on the High Line!

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