Tuesday, January 29, 2013

practical displays.

Since we've moved into our new place we've come to realize how spoiled we were in our old apartment where we had closets and lots of cabinets and basically a lot more space.  The hurricane helped us eliminate many of our possessions (RIP waffle maker and grilled cheese maker and mini chopper) but I still find that we are owners of a decent amount of stuff.  The lack of closets have forced us to get creative (and basically only buy furniture with lots of storage which is how we came to buy an end of bed storage bench which may be the greatest piece of furniture ever) but it's also forced me to think about how you can display everyday objects in a creative, artistic way.  You don't have to hide all your stuff as long show them in a neat (and orderly!) way similarly to how the pans are displayed below.   It's beautiful and practical and it makes cooking that much easier since everything is in arm's reach.  I now need to find a wall long enough so I can do this in my apartment.    

Oh and I wouldn't mind those slate counters and beautiful wood drawers.  

Image via Pinterest. 

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