Wednesday, August 29, 2012

kitchen scales.

I have somehow managed to amass quite the collection of kitchen gadgets since moving into my own apartment 5 years ago.  This includes but is not limited to three pasta makers, two thermometers (and I already thinking about getting a third..), three loaf pans, a Cuisinart, and a Kitchen Aid mixer.  How we have managed to store everything is beyond me (this may be why every time we open the cabinets everything comes tumbling down), but somehow everything has its place.  Certain gadgets and tools I reach for repeatedly and the most useful one for me is my kitchen scale.  The electronic kitchen scale has somehow managed to make all of my cooking adventures a little easier.  When weighing out ingredients for baking you can just put the bowl on the scale and spoon in each ingredient by weight.  No measuring cups required! I can easily switch between grams and ounces and I can weigh my batters so layer cakes each have the same amount of batter!  I highly recommend purchasing one, preferably an electronic one (the non electronic ones are cuter but not nearly as useful and usually I am a proponent for cute over useful but occasional useful wins).  Below are some of my picks!

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