Wednesday, August 8, 2012

beautiful kitchens.

Sometimes I let myself get lost in thought thinking about the kitchen of my dreams.  It will be open and airy with mismatched furniture and lots of open shelves for plates and glasses.  It will have a center island that will be perfect for rolling out breads and pie crusts.  There will be a surround sound system so I can sing and dance while cooking dinner.  There will be a fancy chandelier and lots of color and art on the wall.  There will be bookshelves galore so I can organize all my cookbooks in a cohesive manner.  I am constantly pinning the looks I love so someday when I can make the kitchen of my dreams I'll have tons of inspiration to look at.  Below are a few of the images that currently make my heart skip a beat.  

1 - Mismatched came sometimes work perfectly.  Image via Desire to Inspire
2 - Soothing blues look amazing with white dishes and baked breads. Image via Big Chill.
3 - I love the look of non kitchen items in a kitchen.  Rugs and fine art belong in kitchens. Image via Velvet Moss
4 - There is nothing more classic then white subway tiles.  It allows you to have an amazing tile floor! Image via the Design Traveler 

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