Friday, April 13, 2012

south africa.

I am doing my very best to keep the mindset that I am still on vacation.  So far I have attempted to accomplish this by allowing myself to eat the Bouchon Bakery Mint Chocolate Cake for dinner, buying neon necklaces, and turning the TV off as much as possible (except to catch up on Mad Men).  Whether or not it's working I don't know yet - but it feels nice to shake things up a little.  

I continue to longingly stare at my pictures of South Africa - willing my mind to think I am still there.  If you have the stomach to put up with the flight (almost 24 hours!) it's one of the most beautiful places you can ever travel to.  It has a little bit of everything you want on vacation - hiking, lying on the beach, wine tasting, cheese tasting, and of course entering into the world of the safari animals. 

The thing I found myself thinking about most while on vacation was what I was going to cook when I got home.  I usually found myself having the most time for food thoughts on vacation.  I don't know if it's because I am trying new flavors that excite me or if it's because I finally have time to catch up on my Bon Appetit's but whatever the reason it is it makes me happy.  Lists begin to form in my head - flavor profiles develop and ideas emerge.  It doesn't hurt that the arrival of spring produce will be here any minute - soon I can eat asparagus until my heart's content. 

Of everything I ate in South Africa it was perhaps one of the more simple things that really has my mind racing.  One night Tyler and I walked over a block from our hotel (Cape Heritage Hotel which is hands down the best and if you are staying in South Africa you must stay there!) to Brewers and Union.  It was a warm night.  Kids were there drinking beer, waiting for the live music to start and enjoying themselves.  I was content and happy drinking a beer myself and observing my surroundings.  We ordered some food - a sausage and a burger and the sausage was perfect.  Porky goodness stuffed with cheese.  Slathered with mustard and ketchup - I was in heaven.  So now I'm keen on making my own sausage - chorizo, lamb and fennel, you name it, I now want to make it.  Thanks to Tyler I now can.  While he was home in Maine he found the grinder attachment to the Kitchen Aid at a yard sale.  My mind is racing with possibilities but first up will be a cheese filled pork sausage to remind me of late summer in South Africa.

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