Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the makings of an engagement cake.

Currently testing out one of three recipes for red velvet cake, as I prepare the engagement cake for one of closest friends.  As someone who cooks a lot and loves to cook for others it makes me feel really special to have something I make be a (small) part of someone's (especially someone I love oh so much) big day (or second biggest day as this is the engagement cake and not the wedding cake!).  

I realized in researching red velvet cakes that there are A LOT of versions out there.  I have tried many red velvet cakes in my day and most were bad but one from Betty Bakery in Brooklyn was absolutely killer. It wasn't cloyingly sweet and it had a wonderful undercurrent of cocoa powder which made me realize that all other red velvet cakes I have ever encountered were all wrong!  The cocoa powder gives it dimension.  I've spent hours trying to find a recipe that came close to mirroring this and as I mentioned above I found three that seem to come close.  Will report back this weekend/next week with the results!

Image via Pinterest.  

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