Tuesday, February 12, 2013

miami style.

I just came back from Miami - the land of sunshine and pretend.  Everything about the city feels unrealistic  It's hard to imagine people working typical 9-5 office jobs.  How can you when it's always warm and bright and a pool or beach is always within arms reach?  The whole thing felt utterly over the top and extravagant.  (The hotel we stayed at was the epitome of over the top chicness - it had 5 pools!)  All of this means that I spent the entire flight home thinking about how I could bring that level of elegance into my home.  A dinning room like the below would be a pretty good place to start.  Blue curtains whose color mirror that of the ocean.  A chandelier in the style of the art-deco period.  I want it all. 

Image via Pinterest.

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