Saturday, November 24, 2012

white shelves and thoughts on redecoration.

Since returning home for Thanksgiving, I've spent the better part of the last couple of days indulging in absolutely nothing.  I've slept in (nothing felt better then getting a solid 8 hours of sleep), I've eaten pie for breakfast (and scones and left over turkey dipped in cranberry relish), I read cookbooks in bed surrounded by puppies, and I browsed furniture and fabrics and chairs online, a lot.  I am pretty sure I've looked at what feels like every rug available to me.  I've zoomed in and analyzed photos of hundreds of fabrics as potential curtains.  I've made myself slightly crazy.  

I am impatient by nature (I imagine if I was reading this blog post out loud to my mom when I reached this line she would be shaking her head repeatedly because she is always the first to remind me how impatient I am).  I don't like things to take time, I want to make decisions and see results and be done with it.  Rebuilding you entire apartment is not for the inpatient because it takes time, a lot of time.  Do you know when deciding on curtains and fabrics that you are suppose to order samples, wait for them to be delivered, and then analyze them in your new home to decide which is best! Do you know how much longer the process takes when you have to do these things?  It takes a lot longer and it's driving me crazy.  

In the meantime, while I wait for my 12 billion samples I've had to order, I am trying to tackle things that can be accomplished today and then be crossed off - like buying zebra printed pillows (for my non-existent couch because I obviously had zebra printed pillows on my list and perhaps I forgot to add it to my list in the beginning and maybe I added it as I was purchasing it because it made me feel better about life to have something I could cross off.  Maybe.) 

But! I can proudly say that we do have shelves now because Tyler made me shelves and I can happily cross the "something to hold something so we don't have boxes all over the place filled with our crap" off the list. They look like the below (but better).  It did take me about 10 hours to decide on which white brackets I wanted.  (I love to make almost everything very difficult.)

When my counter tops aren't cluttered with rolls of paper towels and random pieces of mail, I will post photos, hopefully that happens sooner rather then later.  I also went to the farmers market today to buy vegetables so I also hope to return to the kitchen soon and cook because this blog needs more food dishes.  I am sorry. 

Image via Pinterest.

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