Friday, November 30, 2012

all i want for christmas...

I know creating a Christmas wish list is silly.  Especially one filled with impractical items like the world's most amazing truffles and black diamond earrings.  I should be asking for things like towels and sheets and umm a place to sit on (sorry Tyler I am guessing we wont have a couch until 2013!), but after spending the last month being utterly practical (well kind of, I guess I didn't really need the vintage crystal nightlights I bought but they were so beautiful!), I feel like its time for a little bit of frivolousness and asking for things that make my heart skip a beat.  Yes I do need a toaster, but below is what I am really lusting over.  

From top left.

Dannijo Vala Necklace - Because I have a soft spot for all forms of bling and if the holidays aren't the best time to be sporting a lot of bling (everyone wants to look like a Christmas tree) well then I need to reevaluate my life.  

Wool Throw in Fushcia - Because once I have an apartment that somewhat resembles a home, I don't plan on leaving for a very long time and since I live with a boy who is a little more thrifty, I don't see the heat being turned on or up very often.  So really this is a super practical gift.  And it happens to be pink which I adore.  

Agate Bookends - Because I am having a agate stone moment and these bookends are so beautiful that they elevate the everyday practical item into something special.  I also would be happy with just about anything from the Etsy store High Street Market.  She really does the most unbelievable job of curating a collection of things you never thought you needed.  

NYC Dougnut Map - Because if you know me you know I can pretty much find something sweet no matter where I am in the city, but this doughnut map would be perfect for when I want to spend a Saturday eating my body weight in fried dough.  

Black Diamond Earrings - Because I am currently obsessed with black diamonds since they seem to be the cooler cousin to regular diamonds.  These are simple and understated and wearable with just about everything in my wardrobe.  Plus I've had my eye on these for about a year, so maybe its time to get them. And who doesn't want to get diamonds for Christmas?

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar - Because I love bourbon and I love sugar even more and I am pretty much imagining the plethora of cookies (and savory foods!) this would be amazing on the top of.  Smoked bourbon sugar cookies? I need this now.  

Champagne Bucket - Because when New Years Eve hits I will be toasting the fact that I survived this year and still have a boyfriend who loves me (I think), a roof over my head, and some of my more prized possessions that survived the great flood of 2012.  Most likely we will be toasting with Proececo or Cava but no matter what bottle of bubbly you buy, it looks a thousand times chicer in a bronze bucket (and it would look amazing on my bar cart!).  

Passion Fruit Truffles - Because if you want to know the quickest way to my heart its with a half a dozen of these guys packaged in the most beautiful box ever.  I have had a lot of chocolate in my life and nothing compares to these.  

Jerusalem the Cookbook - Because I have just enough room on my bookshelf for a couple of more cookbooks and since I love the cookbook Plenty so much, I figure his second book will probably win me over as well.  (Actually I know it will because I read the appendix on Amazon and I was drooling.)  

Gold Wishbone - Because wishbones are sentimental to me for a lot of reasons, and this one is the perfect size to sit a top my collection of photography books as a decorative object.  Plus it's gold and everyone knows how I feel about gold.  

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