Monday, December 3, 2018

2019 edition - a holiday wish list/gift list

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I contemplated putting together this list because I'm currently in this weird head space where I both hate the idea of buying things but also really love some things (and am therefore buying them for myself because I'm terribly impatient).   So this years list is both a wish list but also my gift suggestions in case you are looking for wonderful gifts to buy others.  

The underlying theme of this list is basically buy less (and not from big box stores - I'm looking at you Amazon) and only buy what you love and what you think others will love and what will make you/them happy.  I realize more and more that a lot of stuff makes me stressed out but I also think there is always something better out there and then buy it because I think this newer/cooler version will make me happier.  I'm making a conscious effort to try and shake that mindset.  IT IS REALLY HARD.  

So here you go.  

1 - Panettone by Roy - If you've had panettone before you're probably like this is OK but nothing special.  This is what I've always thought.  But this panettone is the dreamiest most wonderful thing I have ever eaten.  Roy sells traditional flavors but also updated versions (Banana Caramel!).   This year I ordered one of these instead of a birthday cake for myself (it was passionfruit flavored) and let me tell you, I may never order a birthday cake again.   Also, if you're looking to give this for a gift, you can get someone a 3 month panettone subscription for $93 with shipping.  THIS IS SUCH A GOOD DEAL (especially when you look at the cost of a single panettone) THAT I GOT IT FOR US!  Share with your friends.   

2 - Portable Fireplace Candle - We do not have a fireplace but we do have this candle which is as close as you can get to a fireplace in a 650 square-foot apartment.  It's a really rich smoky, woodsy, scent that we both love (and the scent actually lingers)!  We finished one last year and bought a second one this year.  It also lasts an incredibly long time.   

3 - Linen Napkins - I've been hosting more dinner parties and am looking for new napkins.  These look and feel luxurious and the mustard color is my ideal pop-of-color on a dinner table.

4 - Sweatpants - I've come to realize that the bulk of my time at home is spent in sweatpants and having a matching set just feels like the ultimate luxury (at least to me).  I love this brand so much and the matching sweatshirt/sweatpant set is just the thing for lazy Sundays.   

5 - Socks - I am VERY particular about socks.  These are great with boots and sneakers so I can pull-off that whole cropped jeans with sneakers look I love (the cotton ones are also a favorite of mine).   They stay up which is always my biggest sock peeve.   

6 - Cookbooks! Ottolenghi Simple + The Nordic Baking Book +  Israeli Soul - The Ottoleghi Simple book I bought myself the second it came out.  I've used it pretty much once a week every week since I got it.  The recipes are thoughtful, vegetable driven, and  a lot less labor intensive then some of his other cookbooks.  

The Nordic Baking book just looks super fascinating especially since it includes both sweet and savory baked goods.   

The Israeli Soul book is being added to this list because I read it includes 13 different recipes for hummus (!!!) and also because I really love Middle Eastern food.      

7 - A New set of Mugs - I like a large mug since the large size fits our Italian coffee pot.   These are timeless and chic and the exact size I'm looking for.  Plus they are made by a local ceramist in Brooklyn.    

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