Tuesday, November 25, 2014

top 3 san francisco sweets (on this trip!).

Tyler and I spent a blissful week on the west coast doing not much more then wandering around aimlessly, consuming massive amounts of really delicious food, and watching the Wire (such a good show). Only on your honeymoon can you get away with such a schedule.

We ate a lot of really good food but it was the sweets that really caught my attention this time around. Below are the favorites and the items I will be dreaming about (and looking to potentially recreate now that I have so much wonderful time on my hands.)

1 - Banana, Chocolate, Almond Croissant from b.Patisserie - Be still my heart this was amazing.  Delicate yet hefty, sweet but not cloyingly so, it is a croissant a French person would probably turn their nose at which just means there are more for me to eat.  I will continue to dream about this and the entire pastry case of amazing desserts.  I regret not purchasing the pumpkin kougin but I needed to exhibit some restraint.

2 - Cherry Cornmeal Rosemary Doughnut from Dynamo Donut - Tyler and I both agreed this was one of the best doughnuts we've ever had and that's saying a lot since I am a bit of a doughnut fiend (as evidenced by the doughnut bar at our wedding).  It kind of tasted like a cross between a doughnut, a cake, and a panetone which means it was dreamy and wonderful.

3 - The Passionfruit Dessert (and in particular the chocolate passionfruit sandwich cookies) from SPQR - Everything we ate here was incredible (squash and chestnut tortelli with cherry jus!) but the passsion fruit panna cotta with 2 mini chocolate passionfruit curd sandwich cookies, stole the show.  The panna cotta somehow managed to be both perfectly tart and sweet in the same bite but the cookies were everything. Soft bittersweet chocolate cookies sandwiched passionfruit curd.  A version of this cookie will be on my holiday list this year.

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