Thursday, June 19, 2014

a big day (thoughts in pictures).

Tonight Tyler and I met with our florist, coordinator, professional personal I require to reign in my 5,712 ideas, and for the first time since getting engaged, I actually feel excited about this extravagant party we are having.  (It's nice to finally feel that way.  It also doesn't hurt that we have now reached the point where I get to tackle fun things like florals and decor and cake!)

The images I've stored on Pinterest for what feels like months now can finally be shared because I can finally think about such things and that is awesome.  I feel a little giddy.  That feeling will last up until I realize how much my ideas cost and then I will feel sad again (weddings are a vicious cycle).  Until then I will live in a fantasy land bubble that is filled the olive branches, gold flatware, and fushia pink ranunculus.)

white, gold fringe streamers
Tuscany Destination Wedding

gold flatware

Photography: Perry Vaile -  Read More: Wishbone Placecard Holders
Peony bouquet | Photo by Apryl Ann Photo | Read more -

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